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14 January 2021

A year has past and a new one begins

2020 has passed and we take the opportunity to look back and reflect. We leave behind a turbulent and strange year which many of us may want to forget, but we have chosen to focus on the positive events that we’ve experienced here at Interal.

During 2020 we have got 15 new customers and considerably more new articles. A wide range of articles which has created more work within most of our processes; cutting, CNC/robot, punching and not least assembling. We have made progress within automation for a more efficient and secured production. When it comes to meetings/customer visits we have learnt to take new paths; from face to face meetings to online meetings. It’s always nice to meet in person but as an alternative the Teams-meetings have worked out very well and will most definitely be a complement to the face to face meetings also in the future. In addition; also positive for the environment since we didn’t need the car to get to the meeting! Internally we’ve also used Teams a lot and experienced that it often contributes to quicker and more efficient meetings which saves time to other things.

Our factory in China has grown both to the surface, number of employees and turnover. We have focused on increasing the competence with a new position within quality assurance, investment in new machinery and measuring devices. The range of articles has grown, both within CNC-processing but also within assembling, for which we are building up a whole new department within Interal China.

With excitement and great hopes we look forward to a brighter 2021 and wish all our customers, suppliers and coworkers the best wishes for the new year!