Aluminum alloys

An aluminum alloy contains, in addition to the aluminum itself, several other elements. By adding other substances to aluminium, the final material acquires specific properties that are suitable for special requirements and areas of use.

The alloying elements are added when aluminum is melted down. Common elements that are added are, for example, zinc, magnesium, silicon and copper.


Alloys with the right properties

There are many different types of aluminum alloys. Each alloy is produced to achieve the properties required for the areas of use in which the material is to be used. Desirable properties can be such as heat resistance, that the metal is suitable for surface treatment or that it has good properties for, for example, cutting, bending or welding. Common to all aluminum alloys is that they have low weight, good corrosion resistance and high strength.

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Common properties in demand in aluminum alloys:

  • Low weight
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Suitable for machining, bending and welding
  • Non-magnetic


Our most common profile alloys

Below are examples of some of our most common aluminum alloys, composition, and areas of use.


EN AW-6082

The alloy is used when the product has high demands on strength. The alloy is well suited for welding, and machining and can be advantageously anodized, but not decorative anodizing. Common areas of use are in construction and transport such as ladders, trucks, trailers, and road barriers. The composition consists of, among other things, silicon, iron and magnesium.


EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063

Well suited for decorative anodizing with high surface requirements, for example, interior details. The alloy has high corrosion resistance and good weldability. Common areas of use are in the furniture or electronics industry where there are high demands on a decorative surface.

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