Aluminum and its properties

Aluminum is a versatile and very useful metal that is everywhere around us. The first area of ​​use that many people think of is probably soft drink cans and aluminum foil, but aluminum has special properties and qualities that mean it has many more different areas of use – for example in industry; vehicles, electronics, medical technology, furniture and much more. The fact that aluminum can also be recycled several times makes it both a practical and environmentally smart choice of material.

Leading easy

One of the main advantages of aluminum is that it is a very light metal, especially in relation to how durable it is. Here, of course, the aforementioned soda can is a good example: Despite being made of metal, it weighs next to nothing, and it holds tight despite being impressively thin. And it does not affect the taste of the contents.

Advantages of aluminum in industry

And if you look beyond the refrigerator, there are countless other uses for a durable and lightweight metal: It makes excellent casings or bodies for everything from mobile phones to airplanes, it works great in beams, roofs and machine parts with long durability and high corrosion protection, and it conducts electricity better than much else. Another important property of aluminum is that it can be processed in many different ways: Aluminum is excellent for milling, turning, casting, rolling, forging, welding, riveting, among other things.

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