Powder coating

What is powder coating and how is it done?

Powder coating is a form of surface treatment where you can paint aluminum components with the help of color powder. The details not only obtain a decorative appearance, but also a durable surface with increased protection against, among other things, corrosion and UV resistance.

The details to be coated are attached in a row on a conveyor system that goes through the entire process from washing, and application of color powder to curing and finally picking down finished products. The powder coating color is made static using an electric charge for good adhesion to the components. After application, the powder coating needs to be cured, which takes place through heat treatment or UV light. Once the components have cooled, they are ready for use.

Aluminum powder coating

Interal is a total supplier that often takes complete responsibility for the client's entire aluminum needs. With the help of our modern machinery and cooperation with nearby suppliers, we can offer a comprehensive range of services that includes services in aluminum powder coating.

We can offer a wide range of powder coatings with varied glosses and structures.

Powder coating gives the product:

  • good UV and corrosion resistance
  • stronger protection against wear, scratches, and shocks
  • a decorative surface.

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