1 June 2023

We welcome our new salesman at Interal; Daniel Häll

Daniel started working at Interal a month ago and will be one of the team of our four salesmen. The first weeks have been filled with introduction and mainly get to know more about the material aluminum and its possibilities within different applications.
Daniel shares; “It was a privilege for me to start working at Interal. Both private and business contacts speak well of the company and my own sense of the familiar has been present from the first moment. I like the challenge that I face and again the teamwork that I have always appreciated will show itself more and more in this role.”
Daniel comes from a sports background with the goal of always challenging himself and not giving up. He sets high demands on himself such as personal commitment and driving processes and projects.
Along with the enormous growth that Interal has had during the past year, this is an investment that is exactly at the right time, as our goal is to continue to grow with our existing customers and find new customers, first and foremost within the segment of renewable energy such as solar, wind and water which is an industry in strong progress.
Are you interested to learn more about what we do and how we can help you to develop your business, please contact me at telephone +46 720-76 02 91 or send me a mail to daniel.hall@interal.se