25 March 2024

Interal investigates in renewable energy

At Interal, we are taking major steps towards a more sustainable future by securing our energy use with solar cells. Wettersol has supplied the panels and handled the installation.

By using solar energy to supply our production with self-generated electricity, we are taking an important step in our journey towards a more environmentally adapted production. With this investment, we are not only ensuring a reduced future climate footprint, but we are also taking active responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment.

Significant part of the panels are made of our favorite material; aluminum. Not only is it a sustainable material with a high recycling rate, it is also a symbol of our commitment to environmentally adapted solutions. Aluminum offers outstanding strength while being easy to machine in a variety of ways, making it the perfect choice for building and construction and a variety of other applications.

Are you or your company interested in being part of our green revolution? Contact us to learn more about aluminum and its infinite benefits for the environment. Whether it's profiles, castings or sheet metal, we can offer climate-smart alternatives that will suit your needs perfectly. When it comes to profile, we can also offer 100% recycled aluminum, which means a minimal footprint on the environment. In addition, we now use 100% green self-generated electricity to process this aluminum, further reducing our environmental impact.

Join us on our journey towards a greener future and let's make a difference for our planet together. Get in touch with Interal by email info@interal.se info@interal.se or phone 036-48680 if you want to know more.