1 November 2017

Get to know Johan – Interal's new production manager

We have asked a few questions to get to know Johan, production manager at Interal:

What is your background? "I attended the technical program at high school, majoring in 'entrepreneurship'. After that I started at Awal display where I was employed for seven years – most of the time as production manager for metal and assembly production + warehouse. After this, I worked for a year at Lankapaja where I was production manager for pipe bending/welding."

How do you see your role as production manager at Interal? "My goal is to make production more efficient, increase the availability of the machinery and to generally work on improvement work in the various departments. Among other things, we are reviewing/updating our maintenance routines. I also work with daily management in the various departments to get a clearer overview of availability in each machine - a good tool for identifying disturbances and being able to quickly implement appropriate measures."

And what does your free time look like? "Quite varied: I have a great technical interest, also like traveling and fishing. Sport is fun - and I play handball in a club in Jönköping. And since six weeks ago, my partner and I are cat owners."