27 May 2024

Entrepreneurs of 2024

The owners of Interal; Andreas Simonsson and Niclas Fotsjö have been elected to the entrepreneurs of 2024 by the local organisation Entrepreneurs in Habo.

The motivation in short:
Andreas Simonsson and Niclas Fotsjö have developed Interal in a successful way
and formed it from a traditional sub supplier into a knowledge enterprise with technical investments and
focus on the development and skills of the employees.
They have showed good leadership skills and strategic thinking to achieve their set goals.

Some facts about Interal: The company was founded 1976. Niclas and Andreas started their employments at Interal 2003-2004 and in 2009 they bought the company. Since they took over almost all machines have been replaced in order to meet new tougher requirements and an increased order entry. Focus has been placed on automation and technique. At that time the turnover was 45 Million SEK and the number of employees was just over 20. Today the turnover is more than the double and Interal has 35 employees.
The award was celebrated with flowers and cake. Representatives from the organisation Entrepreneurs in Habo, Habo municipality and Interal’s employees took part of the celebration.