20 June 2024

Interal’s new robotic cell is up running

Our latest investment is now running and processing aluminium.

The automation cell is a cooperation between Interal and Svensk robotteknik and focus has been to produce a high performance cell, suitable for smaller production batches. Quick setup is essential and is achieved by the zero point clamping system with integrated air, which facilitates a quick change of the pneumatic fixtures.

As an extra bonus from a sustainable and environmental point of view, the CNC-machine has already been used as a manual machine in our production for some years. The machine is a Brother TC-32B, a fast and reliable machine which has many more years ahead.

In this cell we will process both aluminium profiles, diecasting, plates…

Mail us at info@interal.se or give us a call at +46 36 48680 if you want to know more about what Interal can contribute to your business!