3 July 2019

Sales record at Interal

It goes well for Interal now. We have with good margin hit record levels for our financial year (1st of May – 30th of April). The turnover was 64,7 million SEK which is an increase of 11 million compared to last year. As mentioned in an earlier news post we have grown in China and at the same time we’ve increased our revenue in Sweden. Since our ambition is to be a leader when it comes to technical development we have during the last year invested in some new machines/robots, coordinate measuring machine, tumbling machine and improved production technique by probing solution. We have also reinforced our staff with a new production technician and a measuring technician.

We will soon take a short break for vacation (13th of July – 4th of Aug) to be able to return with new energy to the autumn, which we’ll need to keep up with the continued great increase. We wish all our customers, employees and suppliers a great summer!