Customized aluminum products

Unique and customized aluminum products are increasingly evolving in our Engineering Department. Carefully prepared, innovative solutions are created with our modern technology and technical skills.

Standard profiles
Products can advantageously be created from standard profiles, depending on design and complexity.

Aluminum diecast
We offer the vast knowledge required in the production of aluminum diecast articles with high surface requirements

Aluminum plate
A great option when it comes to small or medium sized production series with low investment cost in tools.

Customized profiles
Profile extrusions provide unique construction- and design possibilities within all kinds of business areas.

From drawing to finished product

About aluminum

Low weight

2,7 kg/dm3

High strength

70-700 MPa (normally: 200-300 MPa)

Easy to shape

rolled, pressed, drawn, forged and casted

Easy to merge

welding, soldering, riveting

Long life

corrosion resistance


twice that of copper per weight unit


Heating / cooling


Eco-adapted (3rd largest element in the Earth's crust)


Energy consumption only 5% compared to primary extraction of aluminum