Laser engraving


What is laser engraving and how does it work?

Laser engraving, is a high-tech process where you mark and engrave either graphics or text on a component. Laser engraving can be advantageously used on aluminum.

Laser engraving is used for marking articles, for example for traceability, symbols or text information. In the process, the laser beam removes aluminum from the component so that an indentation with different surface structures is formed. The effect of the laser beam determines the clarity and appearance of the marking.


Laser engraving on aluminum

We label both treated and untreated aluminum. Treated aluminum, for example, aluminum that is anodized or powder coated, provides an extra clear marking with fine contrast due to its color. For untreated aluminum, you do not get the same contrast, but the laser engraving nevertheless provides a permanent and very precise marking.

Advantages of laser engraving

Laser engraving provides a permanent marking of the detail, which is well suited for the food industry, the automotive industry, and medical technology products that are often used in an exposed environment. From an environmental perspective, this is a good choice for labeling products as the process does not require the addition of chemicals.

Laser engraving offers advantages in the form of

  • precision
  • sustainability
  • flexibility
  • serial number marking
  • QR code


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