Anodisering 2

For a decorative and durable surface

Anodizing is one of the most common types of aluminum surface treatment. This process is used both to create a decorative surface on the product and to obtain a harder and more wear-resistant product. A durable and longer-lasting product is also positive in terms of the environment.

In order to be able to offer a flexible and secure process, Interal has a number of different selected partners in surface treatment. This means that we are not dependent on a single supplier and thus can secure production and delivery time for you as a customer.


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How does anodizing work?

During anodizing, the surface layer of the aluminum part is converted to aluminum oxide, which gives the product several advantages:

  • Reinforced corrosion protection
  • Stronger protection against wear
  • Decorative surface

In addition to natural anodizing, the product can be colored in a number of different shades during the anodizing. In conventional anodizing, the surface layer is converted into an oxide layer, usually 10 – 20 µm. In cases where the product requires a very durable and resistant surface, it is possible to apply hard anodizing, which means a thicker oxide layer.

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