Aluminum cutting


Experts in aluminum cutting

In the cutting department, Interal has an automated and efficient machine park with several different types of cutting machines. Most of our cutting jobs are performed in a fully automatic machine that is controlled using CNC technology, which ensures a stable and repeatable process.

In cases where the profile is to be cut at an angle other than 90°, we have the option of miter cutting with the help of a fully automated cutting process.


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Recycles any residue from cutting

We optimize the lengths of the aluminum profiles we purchase in order to get as little waste as possible. The end pieces/residues, as well as aluminum chips that nevertheless occur during cutting, are recycled so that new aluminum can be manufactured.

Time-efficient aluminum cutting via plastic wrapping

Some types of profiles are well suited to cut several at the same time and then we can wrap them together with plastic film, with the help of a wrapping machine. This gives a time-efficient production.

Aluminiumprofiler 2