We will close for the holiday from 23rd of December and we open again on the 7th of January. We look forward to an exiting 2021 with continued good cooperation.

Focus on automation

Automation and robotic solutions is not really something new at Interal, but during the last two years we have layed extra focus and time on automizing more and more of our articles. We installed two new robotic cells during 2019 which has contributed to increased productivity and secured production. During this time we have automized… View Article

Subcontractor connect

Elmia subcontractor is one of the most important events for Interal since the exhibition is the perfect forum  to introduce our offers within processing of aluminium together with guidance and technical competence. Interal has attended as an exhibitor for nearly two decades and see the exhibition as the perfect meeting spot for both present and… View Article

Christmas and New Year’s approaching

…and Interal will be closed from 23rd of December until 6th of January. We open again on the 7th and look forward to an exciting and favorable year together with our customers, suppliers and employees.

ISO 9001/14001

Tuesday this week we had quality- and environmental revision (renewal of certificates) here at Interal. Qvalify were here to audit us and we received acknowledgement that we have a well-functioning business with several positive comments about cleanliness and order in the production area, involvement of all staff in problem-solution and improvement work, good communication and… View Article

Back to full-time work at Interal

After some months of part-time job (furlough) due to Covid-19, we are know back working full-time since 20th of August. We can see an increase of orders and hope for a fruitful Autumn.


Time to take a well-earned break and gather new forces. Interal will be closed from 11th of July until 2nd of August. We wish all our customers, suppliers and employees a pleasant summer holiday.

Interal Foshan is growing

Despite the recession we experienced at the beginning of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic we now work with full speed in our factory in China and we continue to invest in order to develop and grow . We have hired a quality manager; Asia Chen who we welcome very warmly to Interal and… View Article

Information about furlough at Interal

Due to the situation with Covid-19 / Corona Interal has decided to temporarily reduce parts of the organisation, mainly within production and administration. Sales and technical service to our customers will remain at the same level as usual. The plan is to go back to normal level again on 1st of September or as soon… View Article

China opens up again after Corona

Interal’s production in China has started up with full capacity. No newly reported cases of Corona during the last two weeks in the cities of our factory or our suppliers. We still notice a slight delay in material supplies but the diecasting factory and the CNC-processing is working according to schedule. Interal Foshan is now… View Article