Interal keeps on growing

Interal keeps on growing


During the last year Interal has increased both when it comes to turn-over and number of customers. As a result of this, we have increased the staff with more coworkers both in Sweden and in China.

If looking in specific at the factory in Foshan, China , we recently received our latest investment; a new CNC-machine. On the employee side we have hired several new coworkers and are proud to have a high degree of equality when it comes to number of men/women in the workplace.

Short facts about Foshan Interal Metal products:

  • Established 2015
  • 1400 m2
  • 11 CNC-machines
  • 22 employees

In Foshan the growth was celebrated with a restaurant visit and kick-off, ending with karaoke. It was appreciated by the staff and an excellent way to build up the team and establish a good basis for cooperation since we see a continued increase an growth in front of us.