Aluminum profiles


Customized aluminum profiles

Through a combination of technical expertise and cutting-edge production technology, Interal develops unique and tailor-made aluminum products with a superb overall economy. We help you all the way from choosing the right quality, based on your needs, to drawings and tools. In short - everything is required for an optimal solution.

Extruded aluminum 

Aluminum profiles are manufactured by so-called extrusion. The process involves heating an aluminum extrusion ingot to a specific temperature, after which it is pressed with great force through a profile tool. The tool consists of one or two parts and is developed based on a profile drawing that shows the cross-section of the profile.

After extrusion, the profiles are cooled with air or water and stretched to be straight and to relieve stress in the material. The aluminum profiles are cut to suitable lengths (often 6 meters) and hardened in an oven to increase their strength.

Extrusion provides unique construction and design possibilities in a large number of application areas.

Standard profiles

Many products can advantageously be constructed on the basis of standard profiles depending on design and complexity. Examples of the assortment of standard profiles:

  • Flat bars
  • U-profiles
  • L-profiles
  • T-profiles
  • Rectangular tubes
  • Round tubes 


Contact us for unique constructions within aluminum profiles! 

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